Stair Lifts

There is a trend of elderly people wanting to stay in the home where they raised their kids rather than moving. As mobility becomes an issue houses need to be retrofitted to accomodate this dream. The biggest obstacle continues to be the staircase. Independent living can be achieved safely and securely by install a stair lift however.

If you or your loved one lives in a home with multiple floors the staircase can be an inconvenience and safety risk. You can prevent this and hold on to the charm a staircase brings to a home with the installation of a stair lift. Stair lifts are safe and easy to operate. You can put your mobility & cardiac issues related to climbing stairs to rest once your stair chair lift is in place. You’ll be surprised at how simple and affordable this system is.

All stair lifts sold on For Your Convenience can be installed yourself in just a few hours. Easy to read instructions are included for installing on either side of the stairs and only basic tools are required.  All personal chair lifts feature an aircraft-grade cable drive that’s been tested to exceed the highest standards. Each system also comes with an exclusive life-time warranty on the drive train.