Handicap Accessible Bathrooms

Walk In Bath Tubs

You can again enjoy the pleasure of soaking in a hot bath with these safe, comfortable, and convenient walk-in tubs. Put straining and struggling to get in or out of the tub behind you with any of these walk-in bathtubs. With a low entry step of just 5 inches and an ADA compliant chair height seat you’ll be relaxing a soothing bath without the stress of worrying about a slip or fall. Each tub offers a built-in Grab Rail and slip resistant floor. Pick a left or a right drain model to easily fit into your existing tub space. Once out of the tub be sure you have a quality rug to dry your feet and prevent slips.

Bath Benches

These bath benches and seats are perfect for anyone who needs extra stability and comfort in the shower. The comfortable, extra-wide seats offer built-in handles for added support and strong bracing for maximum support. The suction cups on all four legs secure the seat in the tub or shower.

Handheld Showers

This line of portable shower heads featuring massage technology to give you a revitalizing shower from any water pressure. You can adjust the settings to chose between a gentle spray to a high-pressure massage depending on your desires. The convenient handheld designs come with a five-foot hose to give you the freedom you seek in the shower.

Toilet Safety Frames

These toilet safety frames are perfect for those who need added safety and support when sitting down on and standing up from the toilet. The sturdy armrests add comfort and provide an excellent gripping surface. These frame will attaches to your existing toilet. Adjustable arm heights will give you the comfort you desire. The rail legs are easy to lift off the floor for easy cleaning around the toilet.

Raised Toilet Seating

Raised toilet seating including the famous Toilevator offer a safe, stable seat for use by those with difficulty bending down low. All of the options below are easy to blend into any bathroom decor. Each supports up to 450 pounds, are easy to install, and A.D.A. compliant.